Best Vegetable Combos for Smoothies

How to get the most out of fruits and vegetables? Of course, grind them and drink! We have prepared for you a small cheat sheet about exactly which ingredients to mix in order to get not only healthy but also tasty drink!


What could be tastier than a fruit mix? Whether it is a smoothie in which some fruit fibers remain, or a nutriblast with even small seeds completely chopped up, the choice is obvious anyway – it is the fruits that will give a charge of vivacity and good mood. Here are some types of good fruit combinations:

  • Banana + Kiwi + Milk
  • Banana + Kiwi + Pear + Water + Honey
  • Kiwi + apple + mandarin + kefir
  • Orange Juice + Banana Juice + Banana + Pineapple
  • Strawberries + oatmeal + milk + natural yogurt + honey + cinnamon
  • Pineapple + apple + watermelon

Vegetable shakes can sometimes be less tasty, but more healthy. Here are some fruit and vegetable and just vegetable combinations:

  • Pumpkin + Cinnamon + Lemon + Grapefruit + Honey
  • Broccoli + white cabbage + celery + apple juice + ice
  • Zucchini + cucumber + salt + coriander + ground red pepper
  • Apple + Cucumber + Celery
  • Tomato + carrots + apple

Make sure to try them and share your experience in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Best Vegetable Combos for Smoothies

  1. Erik Maurer

    Wow, so many smoothie combinations to try, thank you!

  2. Joshua Roberts

    Extremenly useful post! My personal favourite is Banana + Kiwi + Pear + Water + Honey.

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